What is Program Review?

The information on this page and subsequent pages
refers to processes in effect prior to September 2019

The complete Program Review Handbook (August 2017) **

This handbook was developed to provide information about the program review process at Langara College. The handbook outlines the steps and procedures included in the review. Programs undergoing review are assisted by Program Review Facilitators working in the Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre (TCDC).

All British Columbia public post-secondary institutions are required to review their programs, as per the Colleges and Institutes Act. Langara’s Academic Program Review and Renewal Policy (F1006 ) supports this requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Program Review?

Program Review provides Langara College with an ongoing process for systematic, evidence-based assessment, planning, and improvements for our programs and departments, to ensure that students are provided with the best educational experience possible. Program Review contributes to overall planning efforts at all academic levels of the college.

How is a program/department selected for review?

The VP Academic/Provost’s Office works with the Deans to set a schedule of review for each department or program. The process is cyclical, with each department engaging in a review every five or six years. When appropriate, the review will be scheduled to coincide with a program or department’s external review/accreditation schedule.

How long will a review take?

The review process will normally be completed within 12 months of its commencement.

What does the Program Review process involve?

The Program Review Facilitator will work with each program/department to prepare a Self-Study Report. Other College resources, including Institutional Research, will support this process. Meetings will be held regularly with faculty, and student involvement is critical. External Reviewers will be involved for degree programs. A final report, written by the Facilitator and approved by the Division Chair and Department Chair/Coordinator, will include recommendations and an action plan. Details are included in this Handbook.

How do we carry out the Self-Study?

The Program Review handbook provides an outline to guide departments through the process, and there will be ongoing support from the Program Review Facilitator. Departments may work collectively on the report, or break the questions down and work in sub-groups. Each section is intended to prompt reflection and discussion among participating faculty. Not all sections will be relevant to every department or program, and although each review will be unique, it is anticipated that the general framework will be followed. The final report, written by the Program Review Facilitator, will follow a basic format to allow for consistency across the College.

** This FAQ relates to program reviews undertaken to 2019. For January 2020 onwards, program review will be under the purview of AVP Academic with different schedule, processes, and procedures.