Curriculum Resources

The Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre (TCDC) has created a number of resources to support the college community with curriculum development and renewal projects. Below you will find TCDC resources on outcomes-based teaching and learning, developing learning outcomes, writing course calendar descriptions, and curriculum maps.

OBTL & Backward Design

The short video provides a definition of outcomes-based teaching and learning (OBTL), describes the benefits of this approach to curriculum design, and lists steps to designing a course using OBTL.

This video explains how to align assessments and teaching activities to course learning outcomes and provides a number of examples from different disciplines.

For more information, see our iWeb pages on the Outcomes-Based Approach to Curriculum and Common Questions about OBTL as well as our handout on Outcomes-Based Teaching & Learning (PDF).

Learning Outcomes

This short video introduces what learning outcomes are, the benefits of using them, considerations when developing them, and examples from different disciplines.

Part 2 of the learning outcomes video series, reviews the structure of LOs and guides you through the process of developing them including looking at Bloom’s taxonomy and different levels of learning.

For more information, see our handouts on developing Program Learning Outcomes (PDF) and Course Learning Outcomes (PDF).

Course Calendar Descriptions

Writing Course Descriptions (PDF)

Curriculum Maps

Program Learning Outcomes Curriculum Map (PDF)

Example Program Curriculum Map (PDF)