Go2K Webinar: Designing Student-Centered Flexible Assignments While Still Meeting Curricular & Pedagogical Goals

September 21, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

There is a plethora of research on the value of student-centered teaching and course design. Student-centered instruction, implemented effectively, fosters engagement, learning, and satisfaction. Central to a student-centered philosophy is the importance of learner agency and providing choices that allow students to create personally meaningful relevant learning experiences. Yet, despite recognizing the value of student-centered teaching and learning, it is challenging to develop assignments that simultaneously meet curricular/pedagogical goals and are adaptable to the needs and interests of individual students. This webinar will explore strategies for designing flexible activities and assessments that can be adapted to address current events or individual student interests. Further, we will examine the use of standardized rubrics that allow for the integration of assignment choice menus and flexible assessments.Source: https://www.go2knowledge.org/

For more information and to register for this webinar, visit go2knowledge.org N.B., in order to view this free webinar, you must sign up using your Langara email at go2knowledge.org/langara.

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