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Go2Knowledge Digital Library: Microcredentials for Everyone

Want an easy, accessible way to learn, with credit for your learning? Go2Knowledge offers microcredentials that can benefit anyone, not just instructors! If you haven’t accessed Go2K yet, visit our previous blog for more information on how to set up your account.

These courses will get you started: 

For Advisors 

Advising for Retention: Meeting Your Students Where They Are This 6-part series provides resources for academic advisors for supporting at-risk students. 

For Administrators & Leadership Roles 

Supervisory Leadership: Maximizing Productivity & Staff Development This 6-part series helps faculty, staff and administrators build skills and confidence as effective supervisors. Participants gain skills and strategies for serving as effective supervisors in a variety of different situations, and become more prepared and confident to create dynamic teams, facilitate employee productivity & motivation, and address challenges effectively. 

For Administrators, Staff and Faculty 

Fostering A Culturally Responsive Campus Through Diversity, Equity & Inclusion This 6-part series helps advance cultural awareness and foster inclusive communities. Participants learn the key components of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and its importance at Langara; develop strategies for impacting campus inclusivity in classrooms, through work with students, and interactions with each other; and learn to foster communities where belonging is celebrated. 

For Everyone 

Recognizing & Supporting Mental Health Issues on Campus This 6-part series helps faculty, staff and administrators support students affected by mental health issues. Mental health concerns among our students means that administrators, faculty and staff members must play an active role in the support and referral process. Participants will learn how to help safely and effectively. 

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