Go2Knowledge Digital Library: 2-Minute Takeaways

Have you heard of Go2K? It’s an amazing resource for educators, and a speedy way to stay up to date. Langara has a membership, so there’s no charge to use it. And now you can earn microcredentials.  

What is Go2K? 

It’s a resource of hundreds of videos, live sessions, and webinars on topics including: 

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Technology & Online Learning  
  • Student Success  
  • Institutional Effectiveness 
  • Campus Safety & Security    

How Do I Access Go2K? 

It’s easy and free. Simply: 

  1. Sign up at go2knowledge.org/Langara using your Langara email.  
  2. You’ll get immediate access to your dashboard, where you can: 
  3. Explore videos and webinars  
  4. Add upcoming events to your personalized calendar 
  5. Keep track of what you’ve watched, and what’s in progress 
  6. Access your completion certificates 

2-Minute Takeaways 

2-Minute Takeaways is one of our favourite features of Go2K. They’re 2-minute videos on a specific topic.

2-Minute Takeaways for New Instructors 

Go2K includes support and resources for new instructors. You might want to start with some 2-Minute Takeaways 

  1. Advice For New Faculty You’ll be surprised how much practical info is packed in those two minutes. (Seasoned instructors can also benefit.)  
  2. What is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)? Useful, easy to implement info to have before developing your courses. 
  3. How Can I Create an Inclusive Classroom? A simple, easy to implement way to build inclusivity in your classroom and beyond. 
  4. How Can You Use Bloom’s Taxonomy to Help Students Learn? How to implement a foundational concept in teaching and learning. 
  5. How Can You Help Students with Procrastination? Help your students deal with one of their major barriers to success. 
  6. What’s Your Number One Test Taking Strategy? Help students learn how to succeed. 

2-Minute Takeaways for Experienced Educators 

Experienced educators want to stay up to date with new approaches and practices, and learn how to avoid burnout. You might find these 2-Minute Takeaways useful: 

  1. What Are the Top 2 Strategies to Create Deliberate Continuous Self-Care? Simple ways to implement and maintain your self-care practice 
  2. 3 Challenges When Transitioning to College Set your students up for success by understanding the skills they need to succeed in college 
  3. How Can You Become a More Effective Online Instructor? Practical, easy to implement ideas to increase engagement for online classes. 
  4. What Are Microaggressions? Everything you need to know to avoid hurting others, and create inclusive learning environments 
  5. What Advice Would You Give a Student Suffering from Anxiety? Many of our students are stressed and anxious. Here’s how to help them. 
  6. Check out the playlist for new educators (above) it’s all useful for experienced instructors too! 

Image by pch.vector on Freepik