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PD Playlist: Artificial Intelligence Content Generators

To help anyone interested in learning about AI content generators, TCDC has compiled another “PD Playlist.” We’ve arranged the resources from “sound bite” to “radio play” and “full LP.” Some options will take just a few minutes of your time while others will require a longer commitment.  Because of the volume of information on AI and ChatGPT produced since November 30th, when ChatGPT was released in a “free research preview,” we have cheated a bit this time and offered two respected resource lists to help you find topics relevant to your needs and interests. 

Visit the TCDC site, to view the entire catalogue of PD Playlists. 

February PD Playlist

Sound Bites <10 minutes  

ChatGPT prompting some professors to rethink how they grade students (Article | 00:05:00) 
Discussion of how post-secondary educators are changing their approach to assessment and insights from University of Calgary Prof. Sarah Elaine Eaton an expert on academic integrity.

Radio Play<20 minutes   

Interview with University Professor Dr. Jennie Carr, The ChatGPT Report (Podcast | 00:15:00)
Education professor shares her insights on ChatGPT in higher education, cheating and whether or not it should be banned on school networks like NYC public schools. They also discuss how AI can benefit teachers. 

Full LP >1 hour  

AI and Academia: The End of the Essay? (Webinar|00:1:02)

Informative webinar with Dan Lametti who “review[s] the strengths and weaknesses of large language models like ChatGPT to demonstrate that they do a poor job of completing most university assignments without a knowledgeable human hand to guide them” and “explore[s] how universities might use AI to improve the experience of students in and outside of the classroom.

Further Resources

AI Text Generators Sources to Stimulate Discussion among Teachers (Resource list| no time estimate)
Extensive and well-organized list of resources related to AI content generators.  

AI in Higher Education Resource Hub (Resource list| no time estimate)
Another extensive and well-organized list from Contact North’s, teachonline.ca.  


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