Illustration of four people standing and talking, as indicated by speech bubbles above their heads.

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Conversations related to academic integrity violations and student conduct can be difficult. The emotional response and negative feelings of fear, anxiety, frustration and anger that can be activated for educators and students can derail these discussions and disrupt desired outcomes. As instructors we can develop effective strategies and skills to navigate these challenging situations.

The office of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct in collaboration with the Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre will be offering a two-hour interactive session in December on how to effectively communicate in these challenging situations. This online session is an opportunity for you to work through various scenarios in small groups through role-play, small group discussion and reflection. Resources will include a checklist for navigating difficult conversations and a list of academic/non-academic supports available to support student success.

Register for the upcoming Navigating Difficult Conversations on Academic Integrity and Classroom Behaviour online session on Dec 2, 2022.