Illustration of someone sitting on top of a pile of books. Surrounding them are educational icons such as an apple, a folder, a student ID, a graduation cap, and a diploma.

Learning from Students on Suspension

Did you know Langara has a course for students on first academic suspension? The Langara Return to Learning course was collaboratively designed in fall 2018 by folks from TCDC, Counselling, Student Engagement, Registrar and Enrolment Services and Langara Global. Completion of this online course allows students on first academic suspension to appeal for early readmission after one or two semesters rather than sitting out from their studies for three full semesters.  

As they work through course materials, assignments and quizzes, students reflect on the academic challenges they faced, their mental health, their time management, their approach to their studies, and their knowledge of college resources and supports. They discover new ways of thinking about learning and strategies for taking care of their mental health, studying, managing their time, and connecting with their instructors and other supports.  

“Over the past couple years, I’ve been the instructor for the Langara Return to Learning (LRTL) course, and I regret not having had the chance to learn from this diverse group of students sooner. I think it would have made me a better teacher” says Carmen Larsen.

Curious to learn more about this course, some of the common barriers and challenges this these students face, and how their experience might inform what we do in our courses? Join Carmen and her LRTL colleagues from Counselling, RES, and Langara Global for our session on December 9. 

Register now for the Learning from Student Experiences online session on December 9.