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PD Playlist: Trauma-Informed Teaching and Learning

Trauma-informed teaching and learning (TITL) is an approach to teaching that acknowledges the impacts of trauma on students and their learning and tries to offer paths to resiliency.   

Trauma-informed teaching and learning practices are based on trauma-informed care practices in the human services field and are influenced by research on post-traumatic stress disorder, intergenerational trauma, sexual violence and assault, and more recently by the impact of COVID-19 on college students. As Marquart and Báez argue, “The coronavirus pandemic has served as a catalyst for faculty to adopt trauma-informed teaching and learning (TITL) practices, as educators across disciplines have shifted their teaching to be more compassionate, flexible, consistent, and predictable in response to the worldwide trauma and distress.” (2021, 63). Through trauma-informed teaching practices, we can work to avoid re-traumatizing students, cultivate safe and supportive learning environments, and remove barriers to participation. 

To help anyone interested in learning about Trauma-Informed Teaching and Learning, TCDC has compiled the third in a series of monthly “PD Playlists.” We’ve arranged the resources from “sound bite” to “full LP.” Some options will take just a few minutes of your time while others will require a longer commitment.  

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November’s PD Playlist

Sound Bites <10 minutes  

Brené Brown on Empathy (video | 00:02:53)
Brené Brown shows the link between genuine empathic connection and getting in touch with our own fragilities. 

Demanding Kinder Classrooms Doesn’t Make You a Snowflake (article | 00:05:00) 

Opinion from Daniel Heath Justice, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous literature and expressive culture in First Nations and Indigenous studies at the University of British Columbia, on the diversity of our students and the need for kindness and patience.  

Radio Play<20 minutes  

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy (article | 00:11:00) 

Barnard College at Columbia University defines trauma and offers suggestions for recognizing and responding to trauma in the classroom. 

Extended Dance Mix <60 minutes 

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy (podcast| 00:40:00)  

Karen Costa discusses trauma, its effects on our ability to learn and focus, and how trauma-informed pedagogy can help our students. 

Full LP >1 hour  

Helping Non-Clinical Professionals Provide Trauma Informed Care to Students (Go2K webinar | 01:05:41)
This webinar provides viewers with key definitions and provides an overview of trauma among college students.  


Marquart, M. & Báez, J. (2021). Recommitting to Trauma-informed Teaching Principles to Support Student Learning: An Example of a Transformation in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Journal of Transformative Learning, 8(1), 63-74.