An open book with the pages being flipped, in the background are fall leaves.

EdTech & TCDC Fall 2022 Book Club 

How important is memorization to learning? Are our devices making us dumber? How can technology be used strategically in our classrooms?

This fall, EdTech and TCDC are co-hosting a book club on Dr. Michelle D. Miller’s Remembering and Forgetting in the Age of Technology: Teaching, Learning, and the Science of Memory in a Wired World (2022). Join facilitators Mirabelle Tinio and Alex Samur as they explore how the digital devices our students bring to in-person and virtual classrooms impact learning.

The cover of the book Remembering and Forgetting in the Age of Technology: Teaching, Learning, and the Science of Memory in a Wired World, by Dr. Michelle D. Miller. The background is yellow with lettering in orange and red.In her latest book, Dr. Miller, a psychology professor, explains the role of memory and attention in how we learn. Her book also helps guide instructors in discussing technology with their students and using it in the classroom. Her research is relevant to anyone who is concerned about how the time we spend on our devices may affect our memory.

The weekly online (Zoom) book club begins on Tuesday, Sept. 20 (4:30-5:30pm) and runs until Oct. 25. Find the chapter breakdown below. During our first gathering, we will meet participants and start discussing Chapter 1. We would also like to spend some time co-creating the format of the book club with participants. We are just as happy to have a free-flowing discussion as we are to organize talks around guiding questions.

Sign-up for the EdTech & TCDC Fall Book Club here.

Access the eBook version of Remembering and Forgetting from the Langara library.

Weekly chapter breakdown:

Week 1 (Sept. 20) – Intro: Machines, Memory, and Learning

Week 2 (Sept. 27) – Chapter 1: What Technology Does to Us (and for Us): Taking a Critical Look at Common Narratives

Week 3 (Oct. 4) – Chapter 2: Why We Remember, Why We Forget

Week 4 (Oct. 11) – Chapter 3: Enhancing Memory and Why It Matters (Even though Google Exists)

Week 5 (Oct. 18) – Chapter 4: Memory Requires Attention

Week 6 (Oct. 25) – Chapter 5: The Devices We Can’t Put Down: Smartphones, Laptops, Memory, and Learning

Conclusion: How Memory Can Thrive in a Technology-Saturated Future