Course Tune-up Challenge 3: Activities/Engagement

This summer, we’re challenging you—and your colleagues—to make one change, big or small, to your digital course spaces each week for six weeks. Every week as part of the Course Tune-Up Challenge we are publishing a blog post with options for a challenge aligned to a specific theme.

Welcome to week 3 of the Course Tune-up Challenge! This week we are looking at student engagement. Much research has been done on the importance of engagement for student persistence and success in meeting essential learning outcomes. Select one Plus 1 option and/or one High Impact option. Find these options below, or download this week’s challenge as a printable PDF.

Note: Some instructions apply specifically to Brightspace.  Not using Brightspace? No problem! Simply adapt the challenges to your digital environment. Contact your TCDC and EdTech colleagues for help. 

Plus 1 Option 1 – Give students the opportunity to introduce themselves to the class and share their interests

Plus 1 Option 2 – Set up intelligent agents

Plus 1 Option 3 – Create a survey to gather student feedback

High Impact Option 1 – Provide multiple means of action and expression

High Impact Option 2 – Clarify approximately how long a student should spend on an assignment

High Impact Option 3 – Provide multiple means of engagement

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