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Course Tune-Up Challenge 2: Assessments

This summer, we’re challenging you – and your colleagues – to make one change, big or small, to your digital course spaces each week for six weeks. Every week as part of the Course Tune-Up Challenge we are publishing a blog post with options for a challenge aligned to a specific theme.

Welcome to the week 2 Course Tune-up Challenge! Now that we have improved the navigation of our courses, let’s consider assessments, a key component of all courses. Select one Plus 1 option and/or one High Impact option. Find these options below, or download this week’s challenge as a printable PDF.

Note: Some instructions apply specifically to Brightspace.  Not using Brightspace? No problem! Simply adapt the challenges to your digital environment. Contact your TCDC and EdTech colleagues for help. 

Plus 1 Option 1 – Create or revise assignment, discussion, and quiz descriptions

Plus 1 Option 2 – Set up a checklist for each assignment 

Plus 1 Option 3 – Create a rubric for an assessment 

High Impact Option 1 – Offer opportunities for authentic assessment 

High Impact Option 2 – Provide multiple means of expression 

High Impact Option 3 – Allow for ongoing revisions and draft submissions (scaffolding) of long assignments  

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