Graphic including a photo of a chair in an empty classroom with a medical mask draped over the back. The title is Trauma-Informed Teaching, online workshop, March 8th, 2022, 10:30am until 12:20pm pacific time. Langara logo appears at the bottom.

New workshop: practical tools for trauma-informed teaching 

In March, TCDC will be offering a new two-hour, trauma-informed teaching workshop to build knowledge on trauma and strategies for creating a learning environment where students and educators can both thrive. 

The challenges of transitioning to new ways of learning and teaching, the ongoing global waves of COVID-19 and the psychological burden of social isolation from our support networks are just a few of the struggles that have impacted our mental and physical health. The disruptions to our daily lives and findings from previous epidemics suggest an increase in anxiety, depression, and the emergence of many other trauma related symptoms in our communities.  

Complex emotions since COVID-19 are present in our learning spaces and impeding abilities to process information, make choices and stay focused.” Trauma-informed pedagogy, centered on the theory of trauma-informed practice, exposes the impact of trauma on learning behaviour and informs our teaching practices to best support educators and students.   

This workshop will allow participants to discuss and explore various scenarios from a trauma-informed lens.   

Following the session, participants will be able to:  

  • Distinguish between different types of trauma and understand how this can impact learning 
  • Identify trauma-informed teaching principles 
  • Apply a trauma-aware approach to scenarios 
  • Recognize the value of trauma-informed teaching practice

Register for the Trauma-Informed Teaching Workshop here

Photo by marco fileccia on Unsplash