Collaborating with Accessibility Services: tip 2

Accessible Learning Environments 

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How do academic accommodations make the learning environment more accessible? 

  • Academic accommodations allow students with disabilities to have equal access to the same learning environment as their peers.  
  • Academic accommodations help to create a state of equality among students. 

How does Universal Design for Learning make the learning environment more accessible to students with disabilities? 

  • UDL principles allow for built-in accessibility – providing multiple options for sharing content, engaging with course material, and demonstrating knowledge may reduce the need for certain accommodations. 
  • Examples: 
    • If a lecture is recorded, a student may not need to request a notetaking accommodation 
    • If a video presentation is an option for a written exam, a student may not need to request exam accommodations to demonstrate their knowledge 
    • Accessibility may be achieved in advance – before students start the course 

Accessibility chart for Academic Accommodation and Universal Design for Learning summarizing content of this blog.

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