Free Online PD for Langara Faculty & Staff with Go2Knowledge

With Langara’s membership with Go2Knowledge, you have incredible access to online professional development at your fingertips.

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What is Go2Knowledge?

The Go2Knowledge website offers online professional development to staff and faculty in post-secondary institutions. They offer both live webinars and an on-demand digital library of over 300 webinars, categorized into six topics of relevance across the Langara community. (And it’s not only for instructors!)

  1. Campus Safety & Security
  2. Institutional Effectiveness
  3. Student Populations
  4. Student Success
  5. Teaching & Learning
  6. Technology & Online Learning

Furthermore, when you log in, you have a personalized dashboard that shows you the webinars you’ve started (but not finished), upcoming live webinars you’ve added to your dashboard, a list of completed webinars (should you want to access the recording or supporting documents again), and certificates of completion for webinars watched and evaluations submitted.

How do I sign up? 

It’s super easy! Head over to Create an account using your Langara email. You should have immediate access to the site.

How has the membership improved? 

The membership always included both live and on-demand webinars, but it was confusing as these were housed on different sites with different processes to access the webinars.

Previously, the Go2Knowledge site for Langara was only a digital library with on-demand recorded webinars. And there were far fewer than now. Few of the Langara community took advantage of this part of our membership (probably because it was confusing).

Live webinars were listed on their parent company’s website, Innovative Educators. You had to register for each one separately, entering your contact details, and Langara’s specific discount code. Now, those same upcoming webinars are also listed on the Go2Knowledge site. Now, you merely have to add those you’re interested in directly to your dashboard. (N.B., if you now try to order webinars directly from Innovative Educators using Langara’s discount code, you will be prompted to our Go2Knowledge Langara site.)

Further, if you registered for webinars, you were emailed recordings of webinars about a week later. Now, recordings should show up almost immediately on your dashboard once the recordings are finalized.

We encourage all Langara faculty and staff to take advantage of this valuable resource.