The Virtual Watercooler

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Looking for a place to talk to peers about topics related to teaching and learning online? We are here to help! TCDC  invites you to a discussion series starting July 28th.

Join us in this informal online space to share with colleagues across campus your stories about past successes or failures with the pivot to remote teaching, as well as future plans for teaching and learning online.

Below are the dates, times, and themes for each of these sessions. Please be sure sign-up via the TCDC calendar event listings to receive the Zoom invitations.

We hope you will bring a coffee or tea or snack and join us for some terrific conversations around our virtual watercooler!

Date Time Theme
Tue. Aug. 4 2:00-3:30 Group Work & Assignments
Tue. Aug. 11 10:30-12:00 Asynchronous & Synchronous Delivery
Thu. Aug. 20 2:00-3:30 Academic Integrity
Tue. Aug. 25 10:30-12:00 Student Engagement
Tue. Sep. 1 10:30-12:00 Mental Health for Faculty and Students
Thu. Sep. 3 2:00-3:30 Equity & Inclusion
*Topics are tentative and will be updated on the TCDC’s iweb calendar.

These sessions will be focused on creating dialogue among the participants. To ensure a productive discussion, we’ll use the Conversation Café’s Agreements as our ground rules.

Conversation Café Group Agreements

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