Join us for an Unconference on Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Written by Jessica Kalra, TCDC Curriculum Consultant

At Langara, we strive to create a rich and positive learning environment in which staff and students are free to ask questions and have open discussions in a safe, professional and respectful space. We want our students to practice academic integrity while they are here and take these principles with them when they leave academia and join the professional world. Despite our best intentions, violations of the student code of conduct are common in all postsecondary institutions and Langara is no exception. The good news is there are numerous strategies we can use that both encourage a positive learning environment and prevent academic integrity violations.

On October 4th, the Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre (TCDC), Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs (SCJA), the Office of Internationalization (OI) and the Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) are holding an “Un-conference”. The purpose of this meeting is two-fold: 1) to gain the faculty and staff perspective on student conduct issues specific to our community; and 2) to share information, skills, and activities we can use to help prevent or manage these challenges. Participants will learn more about how TCDC, the SCJA the OI and the AIC can support the Langara community with issues related to student conduct and academic integrity.

We want to invite faculty and staff to guide this process. For this reason, we have chosen the Un-conference format. An Unconference or an Open Space is a meeting in which the topics to be addressed are not pre-determined but rather generated by participants through their interactions and discussions. For our upcoming unconference, the overarching theme will be student conduct and academic integrity; however, the agenda and topics will be designed by the attendees on that day so that the most pertinent issues and ideas can be examined. Once the agenda is agreed upon, break-out sessions will be used to explore each item. Participants will be invited to move in and out of these break-out sessions so each person gets the most out of the meeting.

We hope that you will join us on October 4th from 10:30-12:30 in room C408 for a robust and productive discussion.