20 Minute Mentor Commons Videos

Magna Publications Digital Library of 20 Minute Mentor Videos                                        offers more than seventy 20-minute video presentations related to teaching and administration in post-secondary institutions. 


Some recommended videos related to teaching in a way that benefits all students in an intercultural environment include:

How Can I Get Students to Engage with Course Content Before Class?
— What Brain-Based Techniques Can I Use to Engage Students During Class?
Why is Intercultural Competence Important and How Can it Improve my Teaching?
How Can I Learn Student Names?

To access the 20 Minute Mentor Commons digital library:

STEP 1: Contact Parisa Zitouni at tcdc@langara.ca for Langara’s group Authorization Code. Due to copyright restrictions, the Authorization Code may not be posted on a public website.

STEP 2: Go to www.magnapubs.com/sitelicense/registration.html?v=langara0415. Enter information in each of the required fields, including Langara’s group Authorization Code, which is done only once. Click SUBMIT.

STEP 3: Access the 20 Minute Mentor Commons library of videos