2017-18 Intercultural Reconciliation Carving


2017 Intercultural Reconciliation Carving Series

During the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018 Langara’s Aboriginal Studies Department, in partnership with our Fine Arts Department, is offering a unique Aboriginal carving program which is open to all students.
Students in the program will complete two carving courses and an applied research course (all courses offer transferrable credits).

You don’t need to be a carver already, and our students will be engaged in transformative learning. Learning outcomes include:
• Patriarchy & supporting the strength/resiliency of healthy relationships between Indigenous women & men;
• Learn and apply the principles and applications of potlatch systems;
• Issues of Canadian social justice and cultural appropriation;
• Develop art based on personal culture;
• Learn safe and effective tool use;
• Tool sharpening and care; and
• Make or modify several tools for you to keep

Under the supervision of acclaimed Coast Salish artist Aaron Nelson-Moody (Splash) and Professor Justin Wilson, students will collaborate on the creation of several unique reconciliation carvings. As part of traditions, once the reconciliation carvings are complete, they will be gifted to the local community.

How to Apply
Interested learners apply to a joint selection committee from both Aboriginal Studies and the Fine Arts Department. Students should submit an email application that includes:
1. This series is open to students of ALL cultural backgrounds (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians and International students).
2. A two-page letter of intent explaining:
o Please tell us a bit about yourself and your culture;
o Your knowledge of cultural appropriation;
o What truth and reconciliation means to you;
o Your commitment to participating in social change (as it applies to the Truth & Reconciliation 94 Calls to Action).
3. Participation is essential and necessary for everyone’s success. By applying you are committing to your weekly availability to meaningfully participate and complete all three courses between September 2017 and April 2018.
4. Please email your application to Aaron Nelson-Moody at aaronnelson@langara.ca. Limited tuition is available for this series. To apply, please submit your application ASAP.