2017 Trends Report

As subscribers to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Langara employees have access to premium content including the 2017 Trends Report.  This report “outlines 10 key shifts in higher education, including the movement to protect undocumented students and the cultural divide seen as separating academe from rural America. Case studies, commentary, and more resources will help you to take action or start a conversation on your own campus.”

Read just the Executive Summary or the in depth articles in the 2017 Trend Report that include:

Information Literacy By Shannon Najmabadi
Teaching students to separate fact from fiction has become a priority after an election in which false “news” played a large role.

How One College Put Information Literacy Into Its Curriculum by Shannon Najmabadi
A professor of library science at Purdue University talks about efforts there to bring information literacy into the classroom.

Activist Athletes  by Sarah Brown
Players test their power with protests on and off the field.

Safety Net by Kelly Field
Colleges struggle to help their hungry and homeless students.

Innovations in Cybersecurity Benefit Graduates and the Nation by Paul Basken
Colleges with programs that go beyond just teaching code may do more for the country than help students find jobs.

Commentary: Hope and Care Can Bridge the Divide by Jonathan Tyler Baker
A first-generation student from a small, conservative town explains how faculty members hold the key to reaching students like him.

Defending Diversity  by Eric Hoover
Without gauges of effectiveness, diversity policies can be legally risky.

What Colleges and Associations Have Done to Combat Harassment by Robin Wilson
Recent actions by departments and scholarly groups show a new focus on what happens at social events.

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