Summary of Research for Students & Faculty

The contents of this section have been compiled and organized by Kaveh Farrokh (Ph.D.), Counsellor & Learning Specialist at the Langara College Counselling Department.


There has been a considerable amount of excellent research with respect to the brain, mental health, learning and memory:

Mental Wellness and Coronavirus

      Zoom Fatigue

Write-ups & Handouts for Langara College Mental Health & Wellness Student Success Workshops

Handouts (pdf) for Your Brain, Your Emotions, Your Health workshop (click each link below to download):

  1.        Frontal Lobes: Functions
  2.        Frontal Lobes: Upgrade & Improve
  3.        Temporal Lobes: Functions
  4.        Temporal Lobes: Upgrade & Improve
  5.        Limbic System: Functions
  6.        Limbic System: Upgrade & Improve
  7.        Limbic System: Emotions & Memory
  8.        Basal Ganglia: Functions
  9.        Basal Ganglia: Upgrade & Improve
  10.        Emotional IQ & Resiliency
  11.        Vagal Tone & A.N.T.s (Automatic Negative Thoughts)

Happiness, Mental Health and the Brain

Impact of Feelings and Stress on the Brain, Body and Thoughts

     Impact on Brain

     Impact on Body

      Impact on Thoughts

Behaviors & Habits: Impact on Brain, Wellness and Success

Poverty: Impact on Brain, Wellness and Success

Self-Esteem (versus Pride) and Brain Health


Resilience, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Brain Health

Communication Intelligence (C-IQ), Relationships and Brain Health

Technology designed for “Brain Training”

Impact of Technology on Brain Health

Diet, “the Gut” and and Brain Health

Water, Plants, Health and Brain Health

Breathing and Stress Management

Stress and Brain Health

Overwork, Stress and Brain Health

Immune System and Brain Health

Physical Exercise and Brain Health, Memory & Learning

Sleep and Brain Health, Memory & Learning

Meditation and Brain Health

Creativity and Brain Health

Addictions and Brain Health

Depression and Brain Health

Stress and Brain Health

ADD/ADHD and Your Brain

Brain Capacity, IQ, Creativity, Open-Mindedness, “Brain Size”, Neurons & Learning

[More content to be posted in 2022-2023]

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