Below are short videos providing study tips for Mathematics, Physics and Biology.


Tips for Mathematics

This video by Metropolitan Community College-Longview (Kansas City, Missouri) shows a MCC Math instructor providing very good general tips for learning Math (Source: MCCLongviewLakers). The tips suggested in the video are consistent with the tips provided in the Langara College Counselling Department’s Student Success Workshops on Time Management, Learning and Memory (esp. Timed Self-testing), Note-Taking and Test-taking workshops.


Tips for Physics

The above video by Dr. Stephen Fogwell of the University of Newcastle in Australia provides a number of excellent study tips for studying for Physics exams (Source: CEEHE).


Tips for Biology

The above video by the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford provides tips for learning biology by way of various learning and memory strategies as well as exam-preparation tips (Source: uPittBradford). Note that diagrams are often used in biology and the emphasis is on linking details together in meaningful ways into bigger “pictures”. You want to be able to “zoom into” details as well “zoom out” to see the bigger picture (how the details connect and relate to each other in meaningful ways). 

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