The videos below provide helpful summary points for effective Learning and Memory techniques.


Six habits of Highly Successful Students: The above video by Memorize Academy provides the following 13 excellent study tips that help improve Your Learning and Memory.


Thirteen Top Study Tips: The above video posted by Sprouts (see Patreon Channel) provides the following 13 excellent study tips that help improve Your Learning and Memory:

  1. Spaced Repetition – see also “Distribute your studying to get Better marks
  2. Find and Follow Your Preferred Learning Style
  3. Importance of Sleep: see for example scientific report in the Guardian Newspaper
  4. How to Focus – see “Handouts & Links for Time Management
  5. The Pomodoro Technique: short study blocks (for example 25 minutes) followed by quick (5 minute) breaks …
  6. Do the Harder Stuff First …
  7. Exercise – Meditate – Converse
  8. Go Places: Study in different (Learning Friendly) Environments (see video below by Benedict Carey posted by Random House on YouTube provides tips as to how changing your study environment and routines can actually improve your learning and recall….)
  9. Take Fun Seriously: Combine Your Learning with a sense of Fun and Enjoyment
  10. Space Your Study to Remember Better
  11. 30 % Read – 70 % Recite: For Example when you have an Hour of Study Time, use 20 Minutes for Learning/Reading/Studying and the remaining 40 Minutes reciting …
  12. Self-Test or Self-Quiz – This is considered by researchers as the Most Effective Study Strategy – see also Handout
  13. Don’t Force Yourself to Learn, Study, do Assignments …


The above video “How to memorize Way better and Faster (by Freedom in Thought) provides very good information on encoding, retrieval and various techniques such as Mind Maps for achieving higher academic performance.

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