Summary of Research for Students & Faculty

Contents of this section are compiled by Kaveh Farrokh (Ph.D.), Counsellor & Learning Specialist at the Langara College Counselling Department.


There has been a considerable amount of excellent research with respect to effective methods of learning and memory utilized by expert learners:

Expert Learning Strategies: Latest Research

      On-line Learning

      Top Strategies for Learning and Test-Preparation

      Additional Effective Learning Strategies

     Recent Scientific Studies on Learning Strategies

    Debunking Myths about Learning

Developing a Powerful Memory

      Sleep and Memory

      Recall of People’s Names

      Reliability of Memory

      Impact of Thinking Styles on Your Memory

Note-taking and Writing: Enhance Thinking and Learning

Cultivation of Genius and Expert Learning

      Become a Savant …

      Get Smart!

      The State of “Flow”

       Music and the Brain

Cultivation of Creativity

The Brain, Executive Function and “Mental Fitness”


       IQ Testing

       Evolution of Learning & Memory

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