Below are the Langara College Counselling Department Handouts & Tips for the for the following workshops – Learning and Memory, Improve Your Thinking-Improve Your GPA and Super-Learning Strategies for Better Grades:

Learning and Memory Workshop

Top two most effective Learning and Study strategies (as reported in new research published in 2015 – see all research on Learning and Memory here …):

  1. Timed Self-Testing
  2. Distribute Your learning, assignments and deadlines (see also video in Time Management section: “Time Management for Assignments, Readings & Test-Preparation“)

Two more effective learning and memory strategies:

  1. Making Connections to Improve Your Learning and Memory
  2. Chunking and Organizing Information to Improve Your Learning and Memory

How and Why do we “Forget”:

  1. Falsified Recall
  2. Misconceptions

More handouts for this workshop:

Improve Your Thinking – Improve Your GPA

Top 4 handouts for this workshop:

  1. Overview of Expert Learning Strategies
  2. Gardner’s Categories of Intelligences
  3. Transfer of Information
  4. The Einstellung Effect (based on new research published in 2017)

More handouts for this workshop:

Super-Learning Strategies for Better Grades [6-step M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan]

This entire 6-step Workshop summarized in the following 6 handouts:

  1. Motivating Your Mind
  2. Acquiring the Information
  3. Searching for the Meaning
  4. Triggering Your Memory
  5. Exhibiting what You Know
  6. Reflecting on How You have Learned

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