Summer 2017 Funding Results

Thank you to everyone who applied for the Research and Scholarly Activity Fund.

We are pleased to announce the following projects will receive funding:

Receiving funding ($3000)

  • Jessica Kalra, Biology/Health Sciences  – Project Title: Characterization of exosomes and exosomal circular RNA from Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Carcinoma cell lines
  • Erin Skinner, Psychology  – Project Title: Attentional Biases in Test-Anxious Students (pending REB approval)
  • Todd Stuckless, Chemistry – Project Title: Electrochemical Treatment of Wastewater by Sulphate Oxidation
  • Morgan Yates, Nursing – Project Title: Scoping Review of the Barriers and Facilitators to Enabling Scholarly Activity within Canadian Schools of Nursing
  • Dave Anderson, Biology – Project Title: Optimizing compost processing by monitoring microbial community succession

Receiving funding ($2340)

  • Jason Madar, Computing Science & Information Systems (CSIS) – Project Title: VR Visualization of high-thruput screening data

Receiving funding (up to $3000)

  • Paulo Sgarbi, Chemistry – Project Title: Computational Chemistry for Undergraduates: Studying the Structure-Property Relationships of Conducting Polymers with Potential Application in Electronics (subject to a few conditions)

Congratulations to the successful applicants!

RSAF Adjudication Committee:

Margaret Heldman, Dean of Science

Wanda Pierson, Nursing

Margo Nelson, Social Service Worker & Health Sciences

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