2203 Readings

Readings for January 8 and 10:

  1. Peter van Inwagen, “Objectivity“.  (First 15 pages.)

2.  My notes, “What is required to make the world intelligible?

Readings for January 15 and 17:

3.  David Hume, selections from the Treatise of Human Nature.

4.  Elizabeth Anscombe, “Causality and Determination” (Selection)

Readings for January 22 and 24:

5.  Richard Taylor, “The Cosmological Argument

6.  Peter van Inwagen, “The Ontological Argument” (selection)

7.  (Extra reading, not required)  Robert Adams, “Divine Necessity” (selection)

Readings for January 29 and 31:

8.  William Paley, Natural Theology (selection)

9.  Richard Dawkins, “The Improbability of God” (selection)

10.  Alvin Plantinga, Where the conflict really lies. (selection).

11.  (Extra reading, not required) Michael Behe, “Molecular Machines: experimental support for the design inference” (selection)

Reading for February 5 and 7:

12.  Peter van Inwagen, “Freedom of the will“, pp. 1-16.

13.  Harry Frankfurt, “Alternate Possibilities and Moral Responsibility

Reading for February 12 and 14:

14.  Harry Frankfurt, “Freedom of the will and the concept of a person

15.  Peter Strawson, “Freedom and Resentment

Reading for February 26 and 28

16.  Peter van Inwagen, “Freedom of the will“, pp. 16-25 (the rest)

17.  Robert Kane, “Free Will: new directions for an ancient problem“.

18.  (Extra, not required) Roderick Chisholm, “Human Freedom and the Self

19. (Extra, not required) Robert Nozick, Philosophical ExplanationsSelection.

Readings for March 5 and 7:

20.  Daniel Dennett, Elbow Room, Chapter 6.

Readings for March 12 and 14:

21.  Barbara Montero and David Papineau, “Naturalism and Physicalism”, selection.

22.  David Papineau, “The Problem of Consciousness”, selection.

Readings for March 19 and 21:

22.  David Chalmers, “Can Consciousness be Reductively Explained?“, selection.  (N.B. this is a long reading, so only the first section is required, i.e. pp. 1-14.  But read it all if you can.)

23.  Laurence BonJour, “Against Materialism“.  (This is also long reading, so only the sections 1, 2 and 3 are required, i.e. pp. 1-17.  But read it all if you can.)

Readings for March 26 and 28:

24.  Derek Parfit, “Divided minds and the nature of persons

25.  Richard Swinburne, “Personal Identity: The Dualist Theory”.