1.  Perception Basics

2.  (Optional reading) BonJour, Epistemology, Chapter 6.  This covers roughly the same material as “Perception Basics”, but in more detail.

3.  BonJour, Epistemology, Chapter 7.

4.  (Optional reading) David Hume on perception

5.  (Optional reading) Thomas Reid arguing for direct realism

7.  (Optional reading)  Edmund Gettier, “Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?

8.  (Optional reading)  Alvin Goldman, “A Causal Theory of Knowing

9.  Kenneth Boyce and Alvin Plantinga, “Proper Functionalism” (Just the first 8 pages.)

10.  A nice summary of problems with reliabilism has been posted by Jim Prior of NYU.

11.  Robert Nozick, “Knowledge and Scepticism“, from Philosophical Explanations, 1981.

12.  My notes on Rationalism in physics

13.  BonJour, In Defense of Pure Reason, selection.

14.  David Hume, Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.  Read Section 4, Parts 1 and 2 (pp. 11-18).  Depending on your prior knowledge of Hume, you might also want to read Section 2, or some of it.

15.  My notes on “Induction and Inference to the Best Explanation”.

16.  (Optional reading.)  BonJour, EpistemologyChapter 4.

17.  (Optional reading)  My notes on “The Argument for Rationalism from Induction“.

18.  (Optional reading)  Probability basics.

19.  (Optional reading) Jennifer Nagel, “Shifting Standards“.

20.  Jennifer Nagel, “Testimony“.

21.  (Optional reading)  W. V. O. Quine, “Epistemology Naturalized” (selection)

22.  (Optional reading) Jaegwon Kim, “What is naturalized epistemology?” (selection)

23.  Allen Wood, “Relativism“.

24.  (Optional Reading)  Thomas Kuhn, “Objectivity, Value Judgement and Theory Choice“.

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