Essay Questions

Your essays should each be about 1,200  words.  For a topic, choose a question from among those listed at the links below, or talk to me if you really want to write about something else.

For the essay outline format, read this.

Here is a sample essay outline.

For the essay format, read this.


For an idea of what I’m looking for when grading essays, look at this rubric.

For general advice about writing philosophy papers, read this.

Please type your essays, double spaced with a decent font size.

Avoid long quotations generally, but if you think one needs to be included then make it a ‘block quotation’ (an indented paragraph, separate from your own writing).

I am not fussy about the exact format for citations, especially as most essays cite only one or two sources.  Make sure you have the author’s name, the title of the work, and page numbers if appropriate.  If you want to use a proper style then APA is the most common in philosophy journals.


Essay #1

Essay #2

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