Our Equipment

Tormach PCNC440

We now have a Tormach PCNC440 CNC milling machine. It has a 10,000 RPM R8 Spindle with a 10” x 6.25” x 10” Work Envelope. This is a true commercial machine, and a great way for students to get real world experience on a CNC mill.

3D PotterBot Super 10

The SUPER 10 ceramic 3D printer model has a robust construction to carry a high volume of 3600 ml clay in it's extruder. Large prints or sequential objects printing can be accomplished without changing the tubes so it is ideal for a production environment.

DittoPro R

We have two new DittoPro R 3d filament printers. These new printers allow for composite 3d filaments to be printed. They have the same print area as the ditto Pro's; 21.5 x 16.5 x 22 cm (8.4 x 6.3 x 8.7 in).

Ultimaker S5

Ultimaker S5 3d printer. This printer can print: ABS, Nylon, PETG, PVA & PLA filament! It has two heads so it can print 2 different materials and colours. Print max size: 330 x 240 x 300 mm (13 x 9.5 x 11.8 inches).

Dittopro 3d

We have five Tinkerine Ditto Pro – PLA filament 3d printers. Print max size: 8.5″w 7″d x 8.25″h (21.5cm x 18cm x 21cm)

Formlabs Form2

We have two, Formlabs Form2 Resin 3d Printers. Print max size: 5.7″w × 5.7″d × 6.9″h (14.5cm × 14.5cm × 17.5 cm).

Pocket NC

The Pocket NC V2-10 is a 5 axis CNC machine. It is good for milling 3 dimensional small parts. It can be used with plastics, wood and soft metals.

Techsew 2750

The Techsew 2750 cylinder arm industrial machine can sew up to 1/2″ materials. The speed can also be controlled for very accurate stitching. This machine can sew up to Text 210 thread!

Techsew 0302

The Techsew 0302 industrial machine can sew up to 3/8″ materials. The speed can also be controlled for very accurate stitching. This machine can sew up to Text 140 thread! There is also a piping foot available with it.

Trotec Laser

We have one Trotec Speedy 300 Laser cutter and engraver. The Trotec can cut up to 1/2′ plywood, other woods, plexiglass, paper & cardboard. It cannot cut aluminum or metals. Bed max size: 28.7″w 16.5″d ( 729mm x 433mm ).

Epilog Laser

We have one Epilog Mini Laser engraver & cutter. The Epilog can cut up thin plywood and other woods, plexiglass, paper & cardboard. It cannot cut aluminum or metals. Bed max size: 17.5″w x 11.5″d (45cm x 30cm).

Vinyl cutter

We have one Roland Camm-1 Servo vinyl cutter. This can cut sign vinyl as well as heat transfer vinyl for t-shirt transfers. Max roll width: 22″ wide (56cm wide).

Plastic Shredder

We built this plastic shredder to prepare recycled plastics for the filament extruder and the injection molder.

PLA Extruder

We now have a PLA plastic re-cycle extruder. We can use used PLA plastic & produce filament to use in our 3D printers. Thanks to Mateo for donating & help setup the re-cycler.

Injection Molder

This injection moulder was custom made in house, and in concert with metal molds fabricated with the Makerspace’s 5 axis milling machine can quickly make object from molten waste plastic.

3D Scanner

We have the NextEngine Ultra HD 3D Scanner. We can now scan in high resolution smaller objects. Once you clean the objects you can then 3D print it.

Artec Space Spider

It is perfect for capturing small objects or intricate details of large industrial objects in high resolution, with steadfast accuracy and brilliant color.

Artec Leo

Easy 3D scanning: see your object projected in 3D directly on the HD display. This is for larger objects, even a car !

Spyder5 Calibrator

Spyde5, monitor colour calibration, For configuration of your monitor and outputs.

Epson SP 4900

We have one Epson Stylus Pro 4900. This uses Pantone Digital for colour accuracy. It uses roll & sheet media. Max print width: 17″ wide (43cm wide)

Epson SP 9880

We have one Epson Stylus Pro 9880, wide format 2D Printer. It uses roll & sheet media. Max width print size: 44″w (112cm w).

Romaxx CNC

We now have two Romaxx CNC cutter. It can cut and form wood. Bed max size: 20″w x 28″d x 6″h (56cm x 81cm x 15cm).

Clay 3D Printer

We have one SeeMeCNC 3d Printer that has been modified to print slip clay. Print max size: 10″diameter x 10″h (25cm Dia.x 25cm). Not available for use currently.

Electronics Cart

We have three electronic workstations. Each station has: an variable current /voltage power supply, soldering station, and fumes extruder.

Fujifilm Printer

We have one Fujifilm 4′ x 6′ – 2D Printer. Print size: 6″w x 4″h (15cm x 10cm).


We have 4 computer workstations, two are Apple’s and two are Pc’s. Apple software: Adobe Suite, Rhino 3D, MS Office Suite. PC software: Adobe Suite, Solid Works 3D, MS Office Suite.

Transfer Press

Seal Commercial 210 – Dry Mounting/Laminating Press. Max size: 20″w x 16″d (51cm x 41cm).

ProtoCycler +

We have one Proto Cycler+ plastic recycler. This can recycle our PLA plastic scraps and rejects back to Filament for our 3D printers.

GoPro Black 8

We now have two new GoPro Black 8's with fast multi chargers and batteries.

Layout Table

A 5' x 5' lay-up table for many projects including cutting fabrics and materials that are on rolls from 54″ to 60″ wide.


We have 2 full rolling tool chests full of all kinds of hand tools.

Replicator Z18

We have one Makerbot Replicator z18 – PLA filament 3d printer. Print max size: 12″w x 11″d x 17″h (31cm x 28cm x 43cm).

Makerbot Mini

We have seven Makerbot Mini – PLA filament 3d printers. Print max size: 4″w x 4″d x 4.5″h (10cm x 10cm x 11cm).