Real World LED Lamp Project

I decided to design a lamp to demonstrate how 3D printers can and are being used in the real world now. I am referring to actual; products, jigs and molds being created by manufacturers to use in real products for the the market place.

Unfortunately there is a world wide use of 3d printers to produce more and more junk. I wanted to create a project that would show how 3D printed parts can actually be used as components in real & useful products.

Quite often students make most of the parts on a 3D printer. While this is fine for prototyping, but it is rarely practical for a real world object or product. The lamp uses 3d printed components and laser cut materials to produce the final LED table/dresser lamp. Insert nuts are heat inserted into the ABS 3D printed components to allow fastening. As well wood insert nuts are used for the wood parts.

The final product can be created as a high intensity colour LED “mood” light or a reading light. I want students to learn the techniques I used to build this and also to inspire students to create their own projects.

All of the files are available for students, staff & faculty to build their own lap at the Langara Makerspace.

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