Last Outputs Submissions For A full Class Of Students… We Hope

We are getting ready to mail out what we hope is the last of the output submissions for a full class of students. We have been outputting students work (including 3D prints, 2D prints, laser etching/cutting & vinyl cutting) for over a year now. I have enjoyed it, but I am really looking forward to having the students, staff and faculty back into the space, where I will be assisting & helping with the outputs.

Our Makerspace workshops will also be starting up in September, offering some new and exciting workshops, featuring some of our new equipment.

The final day for submitting your online Output Submissions will be July 30th. We will no longer offer Output Submissions after that, as the students, staff and faculty will be able to come to the makerspace and do it themselves.
Online Output Submission Here>

See you in September!