Designed/Built – Sealed Computer Boxes For The CNC Room

We have two CNC routers in a small room next to the Makerspace. The CNC routers operate through PC computers in the room. The problem is the CNC’s generate a huge amount of very fine dust that gets into the computers and can wreck them. I decided to design some boxes that would seal in the computers and still be accessible.
CRITERIA/CHALLENGES – Each student need’s to put their usb sticks into the computer to load their file. – The fans need fresh air coming in, or the computer will overheat – The computer needs to be turned on and off every day – The computer needs to be accessible for problems and maintenance – Large cables (parallel ports) need to come out the back
THE DESIGN – A box that has front and rear open doors – The doors are sealed with a rubber tape – Doors lock shut using rare earth magnets – Handles where designed and printed on the 3D printers – Rear door has 2 large rectangular cut outs, with a filter system – I designed and 3D printed a slide in and out filter holder – Filters are 2 parts, a fine mesh and a coarse mesh – Rear door has a wide slot to all cables through, using a flapped rubber piece to seal it in – The box has an external dual usb ports, that also have a plug that seals the ports