3D Printing with Plant Based Resins – Our New Anycubic Photon M3+ Resin Printer

We now have new Anycubic Photon M3+ 3D resin printer. They allow us to use a Plant Based Resin for our prints. The printers also run at a low cost, unlike our former resin printers that were very expensive to run. The M3+ prints at 6K resolution, with a maximum print size of 24.5 x 19.7 x 12.2 cm / 9.6 x 7.8 x 4.8 inches. Our results have been very good so far, with very high resolution test objects. Previous Next

Epilog Mini Laser – How To Engrave A Glass

Our Epilog Mini laser can perform a number of duties: it can make rubber stamps, and it can engrave glass. It can also of course do the usual laser duties, like engraving and cutting: wood. plexiglas, and card stock. I have just completed 3 new How To guides for the Epilog. Guide A – How To Laser Cut & Engrave… Guide A > Guide B – How To Make A Stamp… Guide B > Guide C – How To Engrave Round Objects… Guide C >

Easily Create A file To Be Machined On Our Tormach PCNC440

We have just completed a new manual that guides you to easily create a file that can be handed to Makerspace for machining on the Tormach. Makerspace can take your 2D or 3D files and create the tool paths for the Tormach to then machine out your object. Your object can be different metals, like brass and aluminum. CNC Page here > Tormach File Creation Manual >  

Artec Spyder 3D Scanner & Artec Studio How To Video & Guide

We have now completed our new How To video on how to operate the Artec Spyder 3D scanner. The video also gets into Artec Studio, and how to process your scans step by step. We have also created a guide tom go with the video. The two new high end scanners are owned by the Engineering department. You can get special permissions to use the scanners from the Engineering Department if you require a high end scan. Video Workshop & Guide > Previous Next

3D Printing Infills & Rafts

Infills can really change your mechanical properties of your 3d model. It can change the strength, resistance, the finished look, print time and the cost. You will also need to consider infill densities when you are using plastic insert nuts. A 3D model will require dense areas for the insert nuts to bite into. I found a few great articles recently, one on Infills and the other on Rafts. Rafts can help your model adhere to the build plate and give it a solid foundation. From the first article from M3Dzone.com, these are the recommended infill settings: Recommended 3D Print […]

Our Advanced Vinyl Cutting Class – Multi-Colour Decals & T-Shirt Heat Transfer

Our advanced Vinyl Cutting Workshop explored using multiple colours for vinyl cut decals as well as for heat transfers for clothing. The process is all about registering the multiple colours. We created registration marks for both the decals and the heat transfers. With the decals, the multi-colours are applied to the transfer paper first, and then the final decal with both colours (or more) is applied to the final object. For the heat transfer, we applied masking tape to each registration mark, and then heat transfer the first colour to the fabric. Then the next layer was lined up to […]

3D Printers are buzzing away at Makerspace

It’s the busy season at Makerspace with students from many different disciplines outputting at the Makerspace. Our 3D printers are working away on student projects from: Engineering, Museum Studies, Theatre Arts, Fine Arts, Design Formation, Geography as well as some personal projects on the go.If you are interested in doing some 3D printing and have no experience, we are having another 3D Printing this Friday. The morning session is 10:30 to 11:30 and the Afternoon session is 1:30 to 2:30. It is free for all students, staff and faculty.Sign Up Here > Previous Next

Up-Cycle Billboard Tote Bags For Langara SOS Auction

We just finished designing and making two Up-Cycled tote bags for the SOS Auction. The bags are made from the vinyl ads, on the giant bill boards you see on the highways. They usually just through out this vinyl. The SOS auction is part of our Support our Student initiative, and all monies raised is put aside to help students through scholarships, bursaries, Community Cupboard and hampers. 100% of the proceeds our directed towards our students. The SOS campaign is especially wonderful as it brings the Langara community together in supporting our students. Faculty and staff both give, sharing their […]

3MF The New Format For 3D Printing

We usually export our 3D objects to an STL file, which then runs through the 3D printers program to create the file for the printer. STL files can be very large and lacking information if you import them into another 3D program to view or modify. The new 3MF format contains a lot more information including, the mesh, materials and surfaces. The problem is not all of the 3D printer companies have adopted it yet. Out of all of our 3D printers and software; Ulitmaker S5/Cura, Ditto Pro/Tinkerine Suite, Form2/Preform… only Ulitmaker S5/Cura will import the new format. So for […]

Medical 3D Prints

We have done a few test prints of some bone structures and a heart. These medical prints can be great teaching and study aids. There are many different sources where you can find 3d objects relevant to your topic, we found these at Thingiverse.com. You are welcome to print these at Makerspace.