Been A Busy 2023 So Far

It has been a very busy January for Makerspace Collab projects. We have: created 3d signage for facilities, made threaded caps for Geography,  created a helical gear 3d metal printed & CNC machined demo and done many upcycled covers for Fine arts. Next up is recycled parts from bottle caps… stay tuned for that. Our projects and links: Helical Gears -Metal 3D Printing & Metal Machining Door Sign For Facilities Department Tree Corer Caps Project – Scaling 3d threads to fit Upcycled Billboard vinyl covers for Fine Arts      

New How To Manual For Advanced 3D Printing

We just completed the new how to manual for advanced 3D printing with our Utlimaker S5 professional 3D printer. This manual gives you the step by step instructions on the following: Standard prints & prints with PVA dissolving supports. Two colour prints Multiple density printing Operating the Ulitmaker S5 We also have a new workshop that goes over all of this. See our workshops here > Our new manual >

Your CNC in Metal Project, No CNC Experience Required

If you have a project that requires machining in aluminum or steel (or even wood) we can work with you on it. Our Tormach CNC can machine up to 9″w x 5.5″d x 9″h in steel and aluminum. Our Pocket NC10 can machine up to 3″ x 3″ x 3″ aluminum, steel and wood, and is for highly detailed and small objects. All you need to do is supply us with a drawing in: eps, dxf or illustrator format. We can also use various 3D formats. To discuss what can be machined and how to proceed, talk to or email […]

3D Printing with Plant Based Resins – Our New Anycubic Photon M3+ Resin Printer

We now have new Anycubic Photon M3+ 3D resin printer. They allow us to use a Plant Based Resin for our prints. The printers also run at a low cost, unlike our former resin printers that were very expensive to run. The M3+ prints at 6K resolution, with a maximum print size of 24.5 x 19.7 x 12.2 cm / 9.6 x 7.8 x 4.8 inches. Our results have been very good so far, with very high resolution test objects. Previous Next

Epilog Mini Laser – How To Engrave A Glass

Our Epilog Mini laser can perform a number of duties: it can make rubber stamps, and it can engrave glass. It can also of course do the usual laser duties, like engraving and cutting: wood. plexiglas, and card stock. I have just completed 3 new How To guides for the Epilog. Guide A – How To Laser Cut & Engrave… Guide A > Guide B – How To Make A Stamp… Guide B > Guide C – How To Engrave Round Objects… Guide C >

Easily Create A file To Be Machined On Our Tormach PCNC440

We have just completed a new manual that guides you to easily create a file that can be handed to Makerspace for machining on the Tormach. Makerspace can take your 2D or 3D files and create the tool paths for the Tormach to then machine out your object. Your object can be different metals, like brass and aluminum. CNC Page here > Tormach File Creation Manual >  

Artec Spyder 3D Scanner & Artec Studio How To Video & Guide

We have now completed our new How To video on how to operate the Artec Spyder 3D scanner. The video also gets into Artec Studio, and how to process your scans step by step. We have also created a guide tom go with the video. The two new high end scanners are owned by the Engineering department. You can get special permissions to use the scanners from the Engineering Department if you require a high end scan. Video Workshop & Guide > Previous Next