3MF The New Format For 3D Printing

We usually export our 3D objects to an STL file, which then runs through the 3D printers program to create the file for the printer. STL files can be very large and lacking information if you import them into another 3D program to view or modify. The new 3MF format contains a lot more information including, the mesh, materials and surfaces.

The problem is not all of the 3D printer companies have adopted it yet. Out of all of our 3D printers and software; Ulitmaker S5/Cura, Ditto Pro/Tinkerine Suite, Form2/Preform… only Ulitmaker S5/Cura will import the new format. So for now, I suggest that you export your file as an STL and also as an 3MF so you will have the 3MF file for future use.

Here is an informative video by Product Design Online video on the 3MF file…. Video >