Epilog Mini Laser – How To Engrave A Glass

Our Epilog Mini laser can perform a number of duties: it can make rubber stamps, and it can engrave a wine glass. It can also of course do the usual laser duties, like engraving and cutting: wood. plexiglas, and card stock. I have just completed 3 new How To guides for the Epilog. Guide A – How To Laser Cut & Engrave… Guide A > Guide B – How To Make A Stamp… Guide B > Guide C – How To Engrave A Glass & Other Round Objects… Guide C >

Easily Create A file To Be Machined On Our Tormach PCNC440

We have just completed a new manual that guides you to easily create a file that can be handed to Makerspace for machining on the Tormach. Makerspace can take your 2D or 3D files and create the tool paths for the Tormach to then machine out your object. Your object can be different metals, like brass and aluminum. CNC Page here > Tormach File Creation Manual >