Artec Spyder 3D Scanner & Artec Studio How To Video & Guide

We have now completed our new How To video on how to operate the Artec Spyder 3D scanner. The video also gets into Artec Studio, and how to process your scans step by step. We have also created a guide tom go with the video. The two new high end scanners are owned by the Engineering department. You can get special permissions to use the scanners from the Engineering Department if you require a high end scan. Video Workshop & Guide > Previous Next

3D Printing Infills & Rafts

Infills can really change your mechanical properties of your 3d model. It can change the strength, resistance, the finished look, print time and the cost. You will also need to consider infill densities when you are using plastic insert nuts. A 3D model will require dense areas for the insert nuts to bite into. I found a few great articles recently, one on Infills and the other on Rafts. Rafts can help your model adhere to the build plate and give it a solid foundation. From the first article from, these are the recommended infill settings: Recommended 3D Print […]