Real World LED Lamp Project

I decided to design a lamp to demonstrate how 3D printers can and are being used in the real world now. I am referring to actual; products, jigs and molds being created by manufacturers to use in real products for the the market place. Unfortunately there is a world wide use of 3d printers to produce more and more junk. I wanted to create a project that would show how 3D printed parts can actually be used as components in real & useful products. Quite often students make most of the parts on a 3D printer. While this is fine […]

Fine Arts Personal Stool Project on Makerspace CNC’s

Fine Arts Design instructor Philip Robbins gave his students this project to design a small, personal stool that efficiently utilized only one 5’X5′ piece of plywood, a single fabrication process, no external fasteners, and eco-friendly finishes. Students first started with ideation and iteration sketches, moving to the Rhino 3D modeling program to create an accurate digital form. The students exported the Rhino files to Adobe Illustrator, using this file to laser cut an accurately scaled working prototype. Once they were happy with the cardboard mockups, students then exported their files to Vcarve to create the CNC router toolpaths. This file […]

Elastic Prints & PLA Keeps The Drips Away

Our new 3D Potter – 3D clay printer has a number of different nozzles with various diameters it can use to print with. When the Nozzle is on the printer and the tube is loaded with clay, we needed to somehow seal the nozzle when not using the printer. Something so simple proved to be complicated. How to get it to stay on and how to seal it. I finally came up with a PLA 3D printed cap that had a bolt that could be tightened to the nozzle. I then printed a elastic cone for the inside of the […]