Designed/Built – Sealed Computer Boxes For The CNC Room

We have two CNC routers in a small room next to the Makerspace. The CNC routers operate through PC computers in the room. The problem is the CNC’s generate a huge amount of very fine dust that gets into the computers and can wreck them. I decided to design some boxes that would seal in the computers and still be accessible. CRITERIA/CHALLENGES – Each student need’s to put their usb sticks into the computer to load their file. – The fans need fresh air coming in, or the computer will overheat – The computer needs to be turned on and […]

Output Submissions on Turbo Drive

We are very very busy and happily outputting many different projects at the Makerspace. We have been running the laser full time, outputting some cool paper and cardboard lamps for Fine Arts. We have also been 3D printing for Design Formation and other student projects. I am very excited as the Enginnering students projects are just starting to trickle in, always some amazing 3D objects. If you are interested in: laser printing, 3D printing and 2d printing a personal or class project please go to the Makerspace iWeb website for more information. Output Submissions