Solving Problems – High Speed Bobbin Winder

Our high speed bobbin winder came without an actual thread feeder. It also did not come with anyway to hold the spool of thread. I had been using a piece of copper wire and a block for the three feeder, but that proved disastrous at high speed. I decided to design a proper thread feeder, that would take-up the thread over the spool ad then deliver it over the actual bobbin. Due to it’s height it had to be printed on our Ultimaker S5. The base I cut out of 1/2″ plywood on our laser, that includes an angle block […]

Laser cutting Plexiglas Parts for Screens

Helping Langara Facilities out today with some plexiglas safety screens. First sketching up the parts in Adobe Illustrator and then cutting the 1/4″ plexiglass with the Trotec Speedy 300 laser. Something to remember when cutting any internal holes or slots, Create these in a separate layer and run first on the laser. If you cut out the main shape first, it can shift when then cutting out any holes or slots inside the shape. The Trotec laser in action >    

Makerspace Output!

Excited to be back at Makerspace. This week I have been outputting 3D prints for Design students. If you are a student or faculty of Langara College, and interested in submitting files for output on our laser, 3D printers or 2d printers you can contact me via email. Here is a link to our Output Submissions page >