Vinyl Cutter Workshops Friday & Monday

Join us this Friday or Monday for the Vinyl Cutter Workshop. Learn to create files for the Vinyl Cutter in Adobe Illustrator. We will demonstrate a decal for a car or window. We will also demonstrate how to make a print on a t-shirt. 10am to 11am Friday August 9th, and Monday August 12th. Sign up here >

Make a Finger Joint Box… So Easy!

I have discovered a great website that creates the drawings for any box size you input. It creates a fully finger joint box for you. You can then finalize the files, including adding some engravings to your box, and then cut it on our Trotec laser*. You need to tweak the files a bit, but it saves hours of work in a drawing program. *You must take our laser workshop before using the laser. Here is the Make A Box link… Here is our upcoming workshops…