Makerspace Is Now Selling Laser Ready Materials

We are happy to announce that we now have many different materials available at the Makerspace for our Trotec Laser. The materials have all been pre-cut to fit into the laser, making it simple for you to start a project. Simply come into the Makerspace, fill out a form with the attendant. You then pay for the materials at the book store and the material is yours… and you are ready to create something. Materials currently available: Cardboard Millboard .90″ Plain Chipboard .045″ Supa Screen (white card) .60″ Bleached Coasterboard .061″ Corrugated Cardboard Plywood 1/8″ Baltic birch Plywood 1/4″ Baltic […]

Community Day – Having Fun & Helping The Environment… 150 T-Shirts UP-Cycled

Langara’s Beyond 49 Community Day was a huge success for the Makerspace T-Shirt UP-cycle booth. We have only 1 shirt left from 150 T-shirts. The t-shirts were purchased from Valu-Village (they gave us 50% off), Each participant choose a t-shirt (usually with something printed on it) they liked, they then were given a vinyl cut  “Up Cycle – Makerspace” graphic we cut with our vinyl cutter. Their job was to “weed it”, that is removing all of the negative vinyl. They then took the shirt and laid it out onto the hot press, lined up the logo on it, and […]