Insert Stuff > My Media Not Loading in Brightspace

A minor bug in a recent Brightspace update has created problems inserting media from My Media into your submissions in Brightspace courses. Specifically, when following the usual workflow of clicking Insert Stuff and then selecting My Media to insert media you’ve already uploaded, My Media fails to load. Here is the workaround.

    1. Go to My Tools > MyMedia
    2. Click on the thumbnail (the image of the video on the lefthand side) for the media you want to insert
    3. Click on the Share button (under the video)
    4. The embed code will be automatically highlighted; press ctrl+c to copy the code to your clipboard
    5. Navigate to the part of the course where you want to insert the media, just as you normally do, and in the HTML editor, click on the Insert Stuff button
      insert stuff button




    7. In Insert Stuff, click Enter Embed Code
    8. Click in the Embed Code field and press ctrl+v or right-click + paste to paste the embed code
    9. Click Next
    10. The preview of your embed will load; if it looks good, click Insert
    11. The Insert Stuff window will close and you will see your media in the HTML Editor; finish creating your content as usual, and save