NOTE: Lockdown Browser is only available in specific on-campus computer labs. It does not work from off-campus. For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current majority off-campus/online situation, Lockdown Browser has been disabled and cannot be set on any Brightspace quizzes.

If your quiz says “Requires Lockdown Browser,” that is because it is a quiz copied from a previous course when LDB was available. Lockdown Browser adds the text to quizzes when initially enabled. It does not mean that Lockdown Browser will launch, or need to be launched, for you to complete the quiz.

Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system. Your instructor may use this to prevent you from leaving the quiz screen during quizzes or exams in Brightspace.

How to use LockDown Browser in Brightspace

1. Access the quiz
Click on the quiz under Assessments > Quizzes.

Respondus LockDown Browser link





2. Launch the LockDown Browser
Click the “Launch LockDown Browser” button.

Launch LockDown Browser button



3. Confirm opening LockDown Browser
If this is your first time using LockDown Browser on the computer you are using,you may see a pop-up window asking if you want to open the LockDown Browser URL. Click “Open URL.”

"Launch Respondus LockDown Browser?" confirmation window




4. Complete the quiz as normal
Once you’ve submitted the quiz, you will see another pop-up window titled “LockDown Browser Status,” asking if you are finished with your quiz. If you are, click “Done” to close LockDown Browser and return to Brightspace.

LockDown Browser Status window







LockDown Browser FAQ

Which desktop do I choose?

When logging in an on-campus computer, you may be presented with more than one desktop option: Shared Desktop, CSIS Desktop or Sage 50 Desktop. Always choose Shared Desktop.
The Citrix desktop, with two icons. The first says "CSIS Desktop." The second says "Shared Desktop - Student." There is a red arrow pointing to the second.



What do I do if the text is too small?

If you start a quiz using Respondus LockDown Browser and you find the font too small to read, you can increase the zoom level in your browser.
Just click on the “i” icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
LockDown Browser toolbar

This will open a new window (titled “Respondus LockDown Browser – Information”), where you can adjust the zoom level. Select your preferred zoom level, and then click “Apply,” and click “OK” to close the information window.

Respondus LockDown Browser Information window





This will magnify the entire page, including images.

To download a PDF file of these instructions, click here.