Copyright at Langara

Effective September 1, 2013, Langara College is no longer operating under the Access Copyright Post-Secondary Interim Agreement.

Copyright at Langara website includes sections specifically for Instructors, For Students and For General use. The Compliance area includes Langara copyright policies and associated directives/procedures while the Toolkit offers more detailed assistance

All should review the Compliance section for Langara’s Copyright Compliance Policy and Fair Dealing Policy.

See if your requirements fall under the Fair Dealing Guidelines or Educational Exceptions. If not, or if you need help determining whether they do, contact us at

Langara Library Copyright Team:

  • Lindsay Tripp, Copyright Librarian
  • Briana Fraser, Copyright Technician


Courseware (print or digital) requires copyright clearance.
If in doubt, contact Briana Fraser at, local 5383)

Copyright clearance is mandatory for the duplication or transfer of sound recordings, films, videos, and software. Permission is also required to post, download and/or distribute Web material or graphics.

Educational Media & Copyright

Do you use educational media in your courses at Langara?  Former Copyright Librarian Niina Mitter’s presentation on Educational Media & Copyright in Canada 2012 (PDF) provides a concise overview of Fair Dealing and how you can legally use media such as DVDs or YouTube videos in your classes and D2L. The presentation deals specifically with Bill C-11 The Copyright Modernization Act (now Chapter 20 of the Statutes of Canada 2012) with an emphasis on provisions which affect the use of media in post-secondary educational institutions such as Langara. For assistance, contact Susan Weber (local 5533)

Electronic Resources

Langara Library licenses many electronic resources for its faculty, staff, and current students including databases, e-journals, and e-books. Access to these resources is governed by license agreements with resource providers. The agreements stipulate that access to the resource is restricted to current students, faculty and staff of Langara. These resources may be used for educational and research purposes only and not for commercial purposes.  Information on you may use materials from specific electronic resources is found via our catalogue under Library Databases. For more help, contact your Subject Librarian