Library Materials: Fees and Renewals

Do you have library materials checked out before the start of the Summer Semester?  Don’t worry – we have renewed them until the end of the current semester. We also recognize that coming to campus may be difficult so at the end of August, we will continue to renew these outstanding titles for employees until the close of the Fall semester. For students, we have offered similar accommodations with a different schedule.

If you would like to return materials, use the book return slot open 24/7 outside on the Southwest entrance of the L building.  You do not have to come into the library and no late fees will apply to any material borrowed before May 5. You can also renew materials anytime online using your MyLibrary Account.  Note that regular late fees apply to materials borrowed on and after May 5.

The sudden closure of the campus including the Library in March was a challenging situation for employees and students.  To help students transition to online learning, the Library quickly opened up and continues to offer a pick up service for physical materials. With safety measures in place, students and employees are able to submit requests online and pick up critical materials for teaching and learning. To date, Borrower Services staff have fulfilled over 700 requests.

We are all learning as we pivot around this crisis – “quarantine book truck” was definitely not part of the Library Science vocabulary. If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact Borrower Services 604-323-5462 or





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