Using Open Textbooks for Summer Classes

As we look toward an online summer term our students face two significant barriers to textbook access: finances and physical distance.

In order to help navigate these challenges, Open Langara and the Library are here to support instructors interested in using an open textbook for the summer term. Open textbooks are licensed to be freely used and distributed. They are written, edited, and reviewed by faculty from universities and colleges across Canada and the world.

Most importantly for students learning online, these resources can be accessed and downloaded for no cost and printed at low cost. Students have the option of accessing them across different devices, and can opt to print part or all of the text if internet access is an additional barrier at home. As all students cannot be on campus and many face tighter budgets during this unprecedented time, open textbooks can help guarantee access for all.


We will be holding two separate drop-in office hours on Zoom Thursday April 16th at 11 am and Tuesday April 21st at 2 pm. Join either meeting at any point to ask questions and learn with others.

Click here to join the meeting Thursday, April 16th at 11 am

Click here to join the meeting Tuesday April 21st at 2 pm

If you are interested in adopting an open textbook for your course or are interested in using other open educational resources, you can also feel free to reach out via email to Open Langara at

Finally, if you would like to explore options on your own, visit the Open Langara site to find open resources, including textbooks, by type or subject.


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