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This month we continue to highlight some of the great resources the Langara Library has to offer beyond books, featuring our light therapy lamps.

As the days grow shorter and darker many people experience disruptive effects on their sleep cycle, mood, appetite, and energy levels. Even those who who have not been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) may experience similar feelings of the “winter blues.” These effects can be particularly palpable for individuals unaccustomed to dramatic seasonal changes, like many of the college’s international students who hail from sunnier climates year-round. In addition to treating SAD and related symptoms, light therapy is also a recommended mode of treatment for jetlag and adjusting to a shift work schedule.

As part of a project with Mental Health Initiatives on campus, the library secured two light therapy lamps for our collection in Spring 2019. Each lamp is available from the the checkout desk on three-hour loan for in-library use. It is a great tool to maximize the benefits of time already spent reading or studying in the library space. Both students and staff are welcome to borrow the lamps.

See here for further information and instructions for the lamps at Langara Library:

For more information on SAD and Light Therapy:

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