Library Instruction for Summer 2018 – Reminder and Announcements!

Happy end of term!

As we wind down Spring and turn our thoughts to Summer, now is the perfect time to consider adding library instruction into your curriculum!

If you have added the online library tutorials in your courses in the past, please be advised of these changes to the way that we book classes and forward marks:

  • Due to a growing number of extension requests for tutorials, we ask you to carefully consider the due dates for the tutorials quizzes and to make these dates firm. We will no longer grant extensions for individual students. If you absolutely need the due date to be extended, we will only grant an extension to the entire class.
  • To ease workload on both the library and instructors, we will be implementing a new procedure for students to have their marks from previous terms forwarded to current classes. This summer, we are piloting a procedure that will ask student to give permission to forward marks inside the Brightspace environment (no longer using the form on the library website). This new method allows instructors to receive a single spreadsheet of student marks after the due date on the quizzes has passed that contains all student marks (you will no longer get an individual email for every student). Detailed instructions on this new procedure are forthcoming.

If you have students complete research assignments, adding library instruction to your curriculum helps students find scholarly resources, evaluate things they find, and introduces students to principles around avoiding plagiarism. Below the break, find our full catalogue of offerings.

Online Tutorials:

Our online tutorials, delivered through Langara’s Brightspace Course Management System, are helpful for both learners at the college and distance students gain library research skills. We offer:

Introduction to Research – This tutorial introduces students to library research methods and is geared toward first-year students in all disciplines.

Avoiding Plagiarism – Langara instructors explain plagiarism in a series of short videos. They discuss intentional and unintentional plagiarism, explain why students need to be aware of the issues and consequences, and provide clear solutions to protect their academic integrity.

Can I Use This? Evaluating Your Sources – This brand new online tutorial provides students with a 5W (Who, What, Where, When Why) Framework to apply to resources that they find both through the library and online. Short videos walk students through the evaluation process with several example resource. Help your students make better decisions about the resources they include in their papers.

In-Person Tutorials:

Your subject librarians can work closely with you to develop an in-person library tutorial that introduces your students to library resources and research skills. By providing copies of your assignments or discussing your student’s specific needs, we can make sure that these tutorials are useful and extremely relevant. Bringing your classes to the library for hands-on learning is very useful, but activities and tutorials can be delivered in your classroom as well.

Online Assignment Guides:

Give your students a road map to your research assignment! Your subject librarian will create a customized guide with recommendations of resources and search strategies. See examples of research guides and the updated general subject guides here:

To book tutorials for your classes or find out more, please feel free to get in touch with your subject librarian.

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